I love the book when I first time read it a while ago. I hope the summary of her proposal is helpful to you as well! :)

Meg Jay <<The Defining Decade>> 20世代,你的人生是不是卡住了:你以為時間還很多,但有些決定不能拖




1. Get The Best Job You Can Get 堅持選擇最佳的工作


A lot of people think it’s necessary to start with a job they don’t like and wait for their chances. Actually, getting the best job you can get is important—The experience will become the (1)bargaining chip of your future. Don’t waste time waiting.



2. Not Making A Choice Is A Choice 別決定「不做決定」

Some young adults decide to stay at home or be part-time workers because they think they are “opening for options”, but putting the choice (2)up in the air results in a thin resume.



3. It's Going To Take Time to Get Good At Your Job 當菜鳥是必經過程

Young people can’t wait to get everything on track, but it usually takes years to master a job. What you can learn when you still have the chance making mistakes is the (3)bottom line at the beginning of your career.



4. Get Some Perspective 學著有觀點

Young people often have their (A)scenarios of superiors. They might be sensitive to criticisms and suggestions. Don’t just obey. Try to get some perspectives.



5. Learn to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin 學著自在做自己

Confidence is attractive. Stop thinking about what other people might say about you, just believe that yourself are the best.



6. Find something you’re passionate about (that’s not related to making money) and pursue it 賺錢之餘,找到你的熱情所在

Find something that you’ll still do even if you know you won’t make any money from it. You will find that life becomes happier.



7. Learn to Manage Your Money Effectively 學會理財

Saving money is the first step for taking a break, starting a side project, and retirement. (B)Refrain from shopping and learn to make a long-term plan for your money.



8. Educate Yourself. Gather Worldly Knowledge 教育自己,大量吸收知識

Educate yourself doesn’t mean you should (C)retrieve your textbooks and go back to college. Try to gather knowledge in work and daily life. You can educate yourself by reading, traveling or even working.



9. Be a Great Friend to a Very Small Number of People 縮小交友圈,建立真關係

Stop making hundreds of friends on Facebook but have none in the real life. Know the meaning of friendship. You can only have a few friends as long as you are true friends in life.



Source: 中時電子報 - 世.界.之‧窗-30歲前要學會的人生課



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