I rewatched a little bit The Bucket List (一路玩到掛) with my students recently and feel it's time for me to create one and constantly pay attention to and update it.

Here is my bucket list and I pray to god to give me the courage and luck to pursue and fulfill my dreams! :)



1.     Become an English teacher
2.     Become a Chinese teacher
3.     Become an illustrator
4.     Become an art teacher
5.     Find a job I love
6.     Find a career I am passionate about-----> So I will move on to find more what I am passionate about and capable of since I know I have more than just one passion, ability and identity! :)
7.     Obtain further trainings and experiences for teaching Adults English
8.     Obtain further training and experiences for teaching kids English in creative ways and update my teaching skills
9.     Constantly explore new ways to expand my horizons and career opportunities

10.   Become a successful freelancer in different fields

11. Become a professional translator/editor

10.  Earn at least $30000 monthly in 2014
11.  Pay off my student loans in 5 years
12.  Obtain a Bachelor Degree in a field I am passionate about
13.  Obtain teaching Chinese training
14.  Obtain further training for teaching
15.  Learn to use Illustrator
16.  Learn to use Photoshop
17.  Learn to use InDesign
18.  Learn online marketing
19.  Learn to drive again
20.  Improve my English skills
21.  Further update my English skills to a native level
22.  Find that special someone to settle down, take adventures together and share my life with
23.  Find my first boyfriend
24.  Build good relationships with all my family members
26.  Meet lots of people and make new friends
27.  Reconnect with people from the past and stay in touch with important friends and people
Attitude/Spirit & Mind
28.  Become a positive person
29.  Become a truly adventurous and brave person
30.  Become a fully independent adult
31.  Live a simple, organic and enlightened life

32. Become happy and enlightened at every moment
33.  Improve my overall health condition (become physically active and eat well)
34. See the Northern Lights
35. See the fireflies
36. India
37. East coast of Canada ( Toronto & Montreal)
38. North America (Vancouver, Seattle and San Fran)
39. South Asia
40. Europe
41. South America
42. Australia

Work for the causes
43.  Travel and volunteer in developing countries
44.  Work for NGO/Create a NGO
Little small things
46.  Get a tattoo
47.  Get a good smart phone
48.  Get a good camera

49. Get my ears pierced 


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