In the Morning  


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Last Night    


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It is a tough decision to make and I made it. 

We are still friends. We keep living our lives seperately like before.

I said let's stop even texting. I wanna move on for real. I have carried you in my heart for too long and it has bacame a burden.

I said I will always love you, but now I am not even sure I will always love you anymore coz I don't feel it anymore.

I am sorry about I feel that way. Everything didn't turn out as we wished for.

I have mourned for it for so long and I have to move on.

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Trust the wait 








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昨天聽說這對金童玉女離婚的消息, 我的心都碎了! 浪漫理想的愛情真的都敵不過現實嗎? 

從前的我還以為裘莉找到了真愛~不論如何, 她永遠是我的偶像之一! 我以她為榮! 尤其在人道救援及女性人權議題的努力! 我也衷心敬佩她收養許多孩子不論種族膚色的膽識和能力! 


Vision board


Tampilan-hijab-Angelina jolie.-6


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I choose you  


Time flies as always! It's been six months since we started talking online this March 23! It’s unbelievable we have been maintaining our love just online without meeting each other at the first place for six months…and there will be three more months to come before we finally meet up in person! That’s a record-breaking but worth-while long wait, and it’s also a miracle!


It's funny that we had a fight over something related to his height today.'s ridiculous! But later thinking of it, he is right that I am not being considerate enough about his feelings, but at the same time he took my comments related to heights in general way too personally and seriously 


Guess I accidentally hurt people’s feelings sometimes without realizing it. I promise I will be more careful next time! 


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* Due to watching too much zombie movies   因為看太多殭屍片   

Silly questions 1  


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soulmate checklist  

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Caveman argument  

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Law of attraction 3  

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summer nightmare in Taiwan  


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Two birds one stone  

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real love 3         


Time flies. Our new love is steady and strong after 4 months of daily online dates.  Isn't that amazing?


I know, it's hard to believe even to myself. I am the kind of person who used to think it's stupid and impossible to fall for someone purely online. You know the logics. How's that possible to truly understand and trust someone without getting to know them in person? Plus, once a while there would be some ridiculous news on newspaper like someone being "fooled" by their online lovers and lost thousands of dollars, without meeting them in person of course. They must be way to lonely to lose their mind and buy into that kind of stupid scam, I thought. What a shame!


And Here I am, falling in love with a man 12,708 kilometers away and he feels the same.


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