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I love the book when I first time read it a while ago. I hope the summary of her proposal is helpful to you as well! :)

Meg Jay <<The Defining Decade>> 20世代,你的人生是不是卡住了:你以為時間還很多,但有些決定不能拖




1. Get The Best Job You Can Get 堅持選擇最佳的工作


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My new beloved poet :)







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Sky with cloud  

I am cloud. I am wind. I am water. I am formless. I am everything and anything.

我是雲 我是風 我是水 我是一切 我無所不在

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IMAG0712[1].jpg IMAG0713[1].jpg  

You are the tiger. The tiger is you. The tiger lives within you.


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Things are finally falling into the right places...

經過那麼多的大起大落, 老天爺終於回應了我求了千百年的祈盼

長久以來我所渴望及努力奮鬥的, 終於慢慢地來到我身邊


心想原來這就是人生, 原來老天爺不是不給我, 只是要考驗我的耐心與毅力

原來每件事情的發生都有它的理由, 或者不論有沒有理由, 我們所經歷的每件事都沒有絕對的對或錯以及好或不好

每件事發生的當下, 我們都主觀地判斷這件事的好壞

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What a wonderful lecture! :D

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我超心虛的今天, 因為我都沒為試教作什麼準備

我想老師也看得出來我很混所以沒有給我太多正面評價 (不過其實我很希望老師至少給我一丁點正面的東西也好呀 > " <)

唉~我在幹嘛? 當初那股衝勁和熱情總是那麼快消失





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It has been a rough but also interesting year this year that there has been so much happenings, changes and challenges.

Lots of new things happened, just like 2008, 2010 or 2011. This time is a little bit different because it's happy and sad at the same time. It's up and down. It's full of surprises.

After finally leaving the job with the school, I found a new job in Taipei with CIEE very soon after and thought I am very lucky to find a good job so quickly and easily. CIEE is a big non-profit organization in the U.S.! Later on I realized it was a big "disaster" yet a great learning experience after a month working there and couldn't help but had to leave there. I had to go back to my hometown that I have always been trying to run away. I had a hard time living with my family members due to many reasons. I often feel depressed when I live with my family and I often wonder what's wrong with me. However, my recent experience has proved me right that I am capable of enjoy a life free of stress and issues from family and I really enjoy this kind of life.

Since I am determined to receive training for teaching Chinese before I left Taiwan and I found World Chinese Language Association has a good reputation, I come to Taipei every weekend regardless the cost. Surprisingly, my wish is being answered by the universe. I met and chatted with the boss of the hostel I stayed with and suddenly out of nowhere I got the opportunity to stay for free and do some work exchange. I guess the reasons why I got this opportunity is because I speak both English and Chinese fluently and I am super friendly and outgoing. And of course, I am so lucky to meet this nice boss by chance. I had never try this before. I believe it must be exciting and fun and indeed, it is.

I have been staying here for 1 month now and every day is like an advanture. I enjoy meeting all kinds of different people from different places. I feel so comfortable in this international but also local environment. It's so different from my hometown and the school I had worked with before. Meeting people and exchanging our life experiences and opinions open up my heart. I gradually discover the true self and realize: "oh! The world doesn't work like what I used to think." There are especially some people who are worth noting because thier thinkings or their ways of life impress me very much. Certainly the boss of the hostel is already a dream maker himself, and there are lots of people who drop by here are dream makers themselves. 

Those new experiences have changed me and enabled me to know more about myself. Out of my expectation, those new experiences bring further changes to my life in a short time span. I am surprised I am not the same old conservative girl anymore. I am not sure what will happen in the long run, maybe I would be the same old me who fear to change and take actions, or maybe I would become so different that I start to fulfill my dreams. I just know I am still on my way to somewhere. Somewhere I belong or somewhere I want to be. It's a process and a lot of time I feel so insecure that I don't enjoy it. I want to learn to enjoy the moment and the process. I want to fulfill my dreams and destinies.

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為什麼我只是想交外國朋友卻招來一堆爛人? 招來一堆只是以貌取人又滿口謊言只想找女朋友的爛咖? 要不然就是認識了一段時間後就漸漸對你冷淡不能深交? 有哪一國人比較友善也比較容易交朋友嗎?





大家在繼續讀這篇文章之前, 想一想這個問題的邏輯是哪裡出了問題呢?



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Author: Regina Brett, 90 years old, of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio. 

作者: Regina Brett90歲,來自俄亥俄州,克里夫蘭,Plain Dealer


To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most-requested column I've ever written. My odometer rolled over to 90 in August, so here is the column once more: 

為了慶祝變得更老了,我曾經寫下人生教我的45個功課。這是我寫過最叫座的專欄。 我這把老骨頭8月就要90歲了,所以,再一次,在這裡呈現這一個專欄。



1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

1 人生是不公平,但還是好得很。


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剛到北極熊家的貝莉 (才幾個月大) 







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因為要帶難得從西雅圖北上拜訪溫哥華的叔叔順道拜訪科隆那 (Kelowna的中文翻譯,不過中文不論怎麼翻都很奇怪)





因為我們在旅程中的其中一天白天去酒莊品酒晚上去脫衣舞孃俱樂部看脫衣舞兼跳舞 (不過叔叔已經打道回府所以沒跟我們去啦)


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也感謝所有研究心理學和推動幸福心理學( Positive Psychology) 的學者



幸福, 是一個使用越來越頻繁的字彙

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回憶過去的字隻片語 我感嘆我怎麼記住的那麼多又那麼少



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